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Hetalia(Countries X Reader)
  A great thing about being in high school, was being released thirty minutes early than when you were in middle school. Something also convenient about being in high school was how close it was to your house.
  Like today, you were walking to your home. Fortunately, no one was home at this time and you would have your house to yourself. This would be one of the rare few times that you would be able to do whatever you wished to do so. Maybe you would watch tv, go on the computer, call someone, read fanfiction, or perhaps be a little wild and do something unsuspected. Or maybe, do nothing at all and relax?
  Regardless, you were home so the possibilities were endless. You headed straight to your room to drop off your bag. For some ungodly reason, you decided to contemplate and analyze your room.
  In your room were many and various things that had no correlation with each other. You looked up and saw your shelf. Around the shelf, like the edges were decorated with li
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Unfinished Video Game Compilation
Link X Reader
Link X Princess!Reader
About 13-16
(Name) and her older sister, Zelda, were always being targeted of kidnapping, since they were sisters.
Though nowadays, they didn't capture Zelda, it was (Name) they were after. Gannondorf and other baddies, figured, that since Link had  crush on the younger princess, he would always save her, and if they make it harder he might eventually die.
Of course, Link never died, or got hurt, and always managed to get (Name).
Link got rid of that idea of Zelda and him, ever being a couple or something more. He was more interested in (Name), she did everything that Zelda didn't.
She gave him time, and was always there to listen to him.
(Name) always pampered him, with everything, all the time.
Zelda being the queen, and everything had more and and intense duties to cover. She wanted to invite the neighboring kingdoms, to a royal ball, and then slowly, convert them as an alliance.
"(Name),"She looked down at her sister, who was sitting right
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Unfinished reader inserts Compilation
Cecil and Reader"This is NightVale."Cecil said, and the music went on. He glanced at the girl across from him, and smiled at her.
"Today, we have a special guest on. It's Carlos's sister,(Name)!"
"Hello, Cecil, and listeners."
"Thank you for being on the show."
"I'm glad to be here."
"For the first twenty minutes, we'll talk about important details, and the last ten minutes, about our guest."
"Oh and (Name).Feel free to ask any questions during this podcast. Alright?"
"Um...Alright Cecil."
"The mayor would like to announce, that the dog park is not open to any other people, except the black-hodded figures."
"Black hooded figures?"
"Yeah there this type of group, who are allowed to enter the dog park."
"Ah!I see."
"At the town-hall meeting, there was a black-hole, only sucking in people with the letter Z in their last name, who are also Hispanic"
"Wow, what a racist black hole."
"But guessed who fixed it?~"
"Yay!"They said in unison.
"Now, old woman Josie, said tha
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Unfinished Homestuck Fanfic Compilation
Chubby Cronus X Reader
When Cronus transferred to a new high school, he promised himself he would be a greaser and make a good impression on everyone.
Unfortunately for his brother and him, the people there didn't like them as much him as he thought. For Cronus, he made a friend. Well not,'friend', more like an aquatanice who he talked to often.
She was a really sweet girl, who was nothing, but nice to him. He thought maybe she was dense, since he always flirted with her, but never really reacted to it.
Cronus thought she was made for him, but sometimes doubted it. She actually liked his attempt at being a,'Greaser'.
No one appreciated his greaser look, and wasn't welcomed by any group. The hipsters, goths, vamps,emos, nerds, fangirls, and jocks didn't like him. Of course he couldn't care, it would be so ungreaser like.
He mostly was a loner, and hung out at the Dairy Queen. It was the Greaser drinking milkshakes, soda, and eating hot dogs, burgers and fries. Of course, eating there ev
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Unfinished Cartoons/Gorillaz Fanfics
Murdoc x reader.....I believe its one
2D was chilling with (Name) on the couch watching some show, when Murdoc passed by. He noticed the two cuddling on the couch, under a blanket. The scene made him infuriated by the two. He didn't like or want 2D touching his girlfriend. He stepped in front of the TV and looked furious at 2D,"Ay!Dumbass get off of her!She's mine ya idiot!"
2D was about to move, before he would get hit by some random object, but (Name) snuggled into him more. "Don't move, 2D. You're so comfortable to lay next to." She smiled cutely at him,"Go away, Murdoc. We're watching TV."She shifted her position to get a better view.
Murdoc moved out of the way and went toward the sofa. He sat right next to (Name), when he did so he attempted to place his arm around her and bring her close.
He failed.
Throughout the movie or show, Murdoc noticed that 2D wasn't even attempting to grab a hold of her or attempt to cop a field. Just 2D prescence being there bothered him. (Nam
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Unfinished Loki/Marvel fanfics Compilations
Thor X Sister!Slight punkish! Reader X Loki
You've been through some scary situations before, but this was the most weirdest, and frightening one.
You just woke up, in a bed, a really soft bed. Also being clothed was a strange thing. Well not that peculiar, only the fabrics and design.
Sure it not may have been your taste, but it looked like a goddess would wear.
(Name) was in the human world right?Right?! She looked at the window, and had never been so wrong in her life.
"Princess?" A voice behind her said.
Loki Ch. 2(Name) was floating in mid- air, but the backround was more like space. her went wide open, and she started to hypervelienting.
"W-Where am I?!"
"My dear. everything will be expained, later....."
A voice came from nowhere, a black cloaked figure appeared, pointing at (Name),
"You must help him, he won't be such a stubborn prince, or dictator, you change him.."
(Name) tried to get closer to this mysterious person,"D-Do you mean Loki!?"
"Shut it!!" The
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Unfinished Sherlock fanfics Compilation
I'll be waiting for you.
(Name) was fantastic educated renaissance type-of woman, she excelled in many fields at such a young age. Yet, she refused something practical.
Her profession was in computers, she hacked.
She was the best, she didn't need no special program, it was pure genius and practing. Which was why she was always home, and never left it.
Then one day, she decided to go out on a walk to the park. She saw a very tall, intriguing man, who immediately grabbed her hand, and took her to his flat. He pushed her into the room and there were three different computers in front of her.
"Do it."
At first, she was confused and didn't understand what he meant. So she stared at him, until he finally said,"Do what you do best, decode."
(Name) wasn't going to help so easily, so she yelled at him, yelling who was he, and why he needed her. After meaning-less arguments, he managed to convince her she would help him.
After decoded and hacking into the system, he ran out of the flat. She wen
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Another Nekozawa x Reader
(Name) was one of the majority rich teens who went to Ouran High School, unfortunately she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Up until a few years ago, when she was barely fourteen, her mother recently married a rich billionaire man.  Now, two years later, (Name) was still getting used to her new lifestyle. Her new step-father was so rich, that he had maids and butlers for everything.
He even got more for her and her mother's needs, while her mother was enjoying this life you weren't.
Your mother deserved this kind of luxury, but not you, you didn't need or want it. Your mother had been working several jobs and tried to make time for you. She was a single mom, but she was also a strong woman.
You on the other hand, were perfectly fine putting your clothes on, brushing your teeth, and riding your bike to school. The maids and butlers also never seemed to stop pestering you, you told them you were glad to do everything by yourself, but they never seemed to take 'no' as an
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The Bright Little Detective-SherlockXChild!Reader3
This was it.
(Name) was going to get caught, and she would never get to see Sherlock again, unless he would adopt her.
That idea didn't seem it would likely happen.
The door opened to reveal a tall figure. Which belong to a familiar being, Sherlock. He came in with the same mysterious, stoic aura and looked a little disappointed. "Why are you just standing there? What if someone would have came, that was not me?" He yelled at her. (Name) became relieved, but it was a little hurt when he raised his voice at her. "Don't cry. I need you presence, right now."
Her face perked up, in joy."Okay, let me just..."She just pushed her suitcase, with a bit of tenderness. "What should I do with this?"
"Hid it in the bush. No one would look there."
(Name) trusted him, she felt as if she knew him for a long time. She nodded and gave an attempt to hold it, with both hands off the ground. Going towards the door, her arms grew a bit weak.
Sherlock tapped his foot in annoyance and impatience. He snatched
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Nekozawa X Reader
You're father was into dark stuff, not the dark dark stuff, but into the black magic, and grim, scary stories. You grew up with all these weird, creepy things; It didn't bother you. You just weren't normal, and that was okay.
Other girls, well not just other girls, everyone, normal people, liked the sun, nature, going outside, being in the light, and were outgoing.
Due to your home life, you were very shy around normal people, and often appreciated unappreciated things like the darkness, black, and spiders. You had dressed prudely, and in simple dark colors.
Ever since you transferred to Ouran, you've come out of your shell more. In fact, you had more friends here than you had ever had. They also dolled you up, went shopping with you, and taught you how to be more outgoing. You didn't really like their style, in fact it kinda frighten you. Since it felt nice to have friends, you just went along with it.
The girls and boys of Ouran seemed to be friendly, but after awhile they began to s
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Over the Garden Wall: WirtXReader(Prolouge part 1)
((You're wearing one of these:;
What were you doing right now?
Jumping into the water to save, Wirt and his younger brother.
Well first off, because you might actually like Wirt.
Why did he jump?
Well...That's kind of a hard to explain, since you really didn't know. All you know was that your cousin handed you a tape, then you started laughing at something she said. The cops came and suddenly he jumped over the wall. Then you think he might have tripped, and fell into the water. You actually don't remember it all well.
Can we go back to what you are doing?
(As the author, yes, yes we can.)
After jumping, you grab Wirt's and Greg's shirt collar trying to pull them up to the surface. They were far to deep, and you couldn't manage to pull them up.
Using all your strength on them, you could barely go back up for more air. So you sank with them...or did you?
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I Want You Back: Peter Quill X Reader
(Name) and Peter used to be in a loving, caring relationship until they began having problems, they tried fixing their problems, but those grew into something far worse. Their relationship was falling apart and everything went horrible wrong.  (Name) stilled stayed with them, but chose not to talk to Peter if she didn't need to.
In fact, they seemed like strangers to each other now. She didn't even dare look at him, even for Peter she was acting childish. He attempted to talk to her, but she would maliciously attack him, then walk out of the room.
Peter hoped it didn't take long before he would see (Name)'s bright smile, or her sparkly hopeful eyes. They reappeared, just not to Peter, and probably never again. She was happy, just not around him anymore.
He missed talking to her.
He missed making her smile.
He missed hearing her talk and laugh,
He missed how she would tiptoe to kiss him.
He missed how she would randomly hug him.
He missed how she would dance to the same songs with
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We Have A Problem Here Ch.1
Homestuck/Avenger Crossover
The Avengers were at having shawarma, for lunch. They just saved the world, from this gigantic asteroid. It came out of nowhere, not even the scientist said anything. In fact, they didn't even know it was coming or where it came from. It was hard to destroy it, they used various methods. They used the Hulk, then the Ironman suit, and finally Natasha had an idea.
She thought they should use a ray to cut it in half, then destroy the mini asteroids. It worked, and that's how they ended up here.
In the middle of lunch, Coulson called them,"This is urgent, come quickly."
Then within minutes they arrived at the Helicarrier. Phil was waiting for them, he sat near a TV. He was at the table, "Sit down, please."
They each sat on a chair, and waited for Coulson. He stood up and turned on the TV, "Remember that Asteroid that came? Well it has a friend, you can say many friends." He pressed a button, and it showed this grayish blob.
"What are we seeing here?"Steve q
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Sherlock X Drunk!Reader: Dat booty Drabble
(Name) stumbled going into the flat, where she saw John and Sherlock in there. John was blogging on his computer, and Sherlock was experimenting in the kitchen. She had a martini in her hand, and she looked at the them,
"Heeeeyyy, guys!"
She stumbled over there, but managed not to fall."Hi John!!!"She slurred at him.
(Name) gave a flirtatious smile, and walked over to Sherlock. She stood behind him, making no noise or movement. Only checking him out, looking up and down.
Sherlock didn't bother notice her, he knew she was in a drunken state, so talking to her would be pointless and tedious. He continued dissecting the eye, ignoring her.
(Name) immediately slapped his ass. Sherlock froze, dropping the eye in the sink. He tensed up when her hand was still on it.
She caressed the butt, and waited for Sherlock."Sherlock....I never noticed how perfect you ass was."
"(Name)!Please refrain from touching my butt."He became annoyed at each growing second. He was ready to slap he
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Loki X Reader: My One and Only 1/3
(Name) the goddess of Love and Jealousy, was once a young, stalker-ish child. She advance in both weaponry and in magic, for her father was a mage and her mother a warrior. She practice her battle skills, when she wasn't studying magic. She was the only girl attending the magic school, she wasn't the first, but she was the only one there.
She was only twelve years old, when she first came to the school. She had beautiful (h/c) locks that shone, she also had very intriguing (e/c) eyes. She always kept to herself and was very shy and quiet. Among the boys she was just a cutie, who admire her from a far. She however, found them all pitiful. Only one boy interested her.
Loki was the apple of her eye.
The thing was he was always alone, so she didn't know what to do. So she would stalk him, but not make it to obvious. Even from a far, he was still handsome and mysterious. She kept her cool, when the boys complimented her, even if she it very annoying.
In one of her classes, ther
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Prince!Romano X Reader Ch.3
As Lovino followed her, he noticed the streets became more ghetto-like, and quieter. People were more conservative to themselves, and the buildings look wear-down. He still saw the girl walking, he had to follow her.
She eventually went inside an abandon building, and he soon followed. He placed his head against the door, to hear what she would do.
"(Name)!You're home! Everything turn out alright? Did you get the tomatoes?"
"Yeah, I did. Here."
"Did our little frau steal those?"
"Well, yeah. What money do I have?"
"Kesesese!!! What a naughty-"
"Shut the hell up. I'm tired."
"Did anything happen, amigo?"
"Yeah, some dude wanted those tomatoes. I told him to hold them for a second, and he wanted one! Jeez, should have expected it, he seemed like a spoiled brat."
Suddenly, the door was slammed open by Lovino,"I AM NOT A SPOILED BRAT."
"Oh man, there he is."(Name) pointed to him.
Lovino examined the room, he had just entered. There was three doors, and one door-less exit. He saw (Name) sit
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Arthur's Weight Gain (Chubby!England X Reader)
Arthur ducked underneath someone's arm as he dashed for the front of the grocery store. He could see her behind the boxes,  (y/n).
He felt pride as he rounded the corner, exhausted from trying to catch her. "(Y/n)!" He called, gently grabbing her wrist.
"Oh! Arthur! I didn't expect to see you here. What's up?" She asked, noticing that he was breathing hard. "What's wrong? You're so fit! How do you lose your breath?"
"Don't talk to her! That bitch is only there to fatten your ass up!" A male called from the parking lot.
(Y/n) blushed, turning cherry red. "I'm sorry, you didn't have to hear that. I'm so sorry." She turned to leave but Arthur caught her wrist again.
"Don't say that love,  I myself love you, I'd gladly do anything you want." He said. "I'd even gain all the weight in the world."
"You would? You'd give up your abs, and perfect body for me?" She asked her hand massaging his abs.
He tightened his belt,  standing up taller then normal. "Of course love. Anything f
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Fattening Him Up (Chubby!AmericaXReader)
"Of course. More food."
"But I'm fat enough, aren't I?" Al asked, pulling his hand away from the box.
"No, no you aren't." (Y/n) said, shoving a large donut into his mouth.
"Stop that! If he doesn't want to be fat he doesn't want to be fat!" Arthur yelled, smacking her hand away.
"No let her do this." Al said, massaging his stomach.
Arthur sighed, taking his things and leaving the room. "Don't call me for help, wanka."
(Y/n) shoved another donut into Al's mouth, and another. Watching his stomach balloon outwards at the surplus of food in his body, he groaned, downing the second box, his shirt tearing down the sides.
"I'm…to…full! N-no more." He gasped, pushing the donut away.
" can definitely eat more. I know you can Al." (Y/n) said, pushing the donut into his mouth.
Al swallowed, watching his bloating stomach swell up another size. "What's in these…*huff* *huff*…donuts?"
"They're from Fatties. The most fattening donuts in the world." She said, throwing
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Sans' Stuffing (SansXReader)
Papyrus watched his brother warily, only partially aware of Sans' eating habits.
"Brother… don't you think you should stop eating now?" He said calmly.
Sans swallowed another hot dog, massaging the ectoplasmic balloon underneath his white shirt. He moaned softly, massaging it painfully. He started panting, his cheeks turning red as he winced.
"If you want I can call (Y/N)." Papyrus said, gently picking up the phone.
"N-no! She can't see me like this…" Sans said, trying to tug his shirt down over his belly.
Papyrus jumped at a knock at the door, he threw it open to find (Y/N) standing there, pulling her hood down over her (H/C) hair. Sans jumped, behind the couch, closing his hoodie over his belly.
"Hey Papyrus! Uh, is Sans here?" (Y/N) asked.
He turned around to see Sans shaking his head. "Yah, he's behind the couch."
(Y/N) walked up behind the couch, noticing the bulge underneath his shirt. "I hoped that you'd never see me like this kid." He said, trying to stand.
She slid
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OSMT: -COLLAB 2016- Sextuplets by Nintendrawer OSMT: -COLLAB 2016- Sextuplets :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 204 19
Something There(Ichimatsu X Reader)[song-fic]
The "You/Your" is meant for the gender neutral reasons and allow me to get used to it so I am able to write more of it on my animedrabblesandscenarios Tumblr.
You smiled softly, gently as the stray cats gathered around you.
Setting down the plastic bag, you silently opened it and removed from it; a can of wet cat food.
You then popped the tab, starting to fill the large food bowl you had brought with you.
You couldn't help but laugh softly as a specific cat headbutted your belly, at the homemade cat treats you had in your hoodie pocket.
"Be patient Mio." You cooed, petting his head.
He mewed as the cats began to hiss a little.
You blinked as they did this for everyone they didn't know or cats that weren't from around here.
You looked over your shoulder, a soft and startled squeak from your mouth at the unexpected person behind you.
"Ichimatsu - san?" You then questioned, eyes widened a little.
:icondarienoppal:DarienOppal 37 7
Mochi!RussiaxReader Part 5
Mochi Russia's POV
After _______ set me down on the floor she gave me a small pat on the head before waving, "Be good, and play nice, alright? Eduard and I should be finished with our project in no time."  I gave a cheery, "Da~" I would never cause trouble, besides, I needed the others' help to get that kiss from _______.
As soon as I heard the door click shut, I turned to the other mochi who were busy eating some lettuce, well, minus the American... he seemed to be drowning it in various condiments. 'How can he stand to eat it like that?' came the angel's voice.
'I couldn't tell you... he always seems to be nonsensical, but I like him more than ______'s idiot friend despite some similarities.'
Bracing myself, I approached the others, "Privet!" The reaction was as I expected... The Italian mochi whimpered in fear and tried to hide behind the Spaniard who gave an absentminded greeting back. The Canadian also greeted me, surprisingly, and the American, of course, tried
:iconsnowfox693:SnowFox693 19 9
Morning Hunger (Ichimatsu x reader)
It was early in the morning and both you and Ichimatsu where tangle with each other under the sheets of your bed. Soft blue light came through the windows into the room. Ichimatsu was slightly on top of you, keeping you down but honestly you didn’t mind. You were both comfortable in your current positions. This only lasted a few more minutes.Getting a sudden urge to eat, you tried to get up out of bed, but Ichimatsu’s body pinned you down on the mattress.
“Ichi, are you awake? Could you possible let me up so I could get something to eat please?” You asked quietly, being careful not to be too loud just in case if he was still asleep.
Ichimatsu let out a low grumble, refusing you move from his current spot. It was normal for him to be stubborn like this, especially when he’s tired. You sighed and kept quiet for a moment or too.
“Ichimatsu, I need to eat” You said firmly. Your hunger was slowly growing and you needed to get up soon.
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Papyrus X Reader: Babysitting The Great Papyrus
"okay Papyrus, no matter what we can only get 1 box of pasta. No more then 1 okay?" You said a little uneasy. Its been a while since the monsters came up to the surface. It was hard for you when Frisk finally came home with 2 skeletons, a fish lady, a robot, a dinosaur lady, a goat lady and a goat man. Toriel or goat lady was staying at your house since Frisk has been staying at her place for a while when Frisk was underground. Toriel was like the mother figure you always tried to be for Frisk. So you didn't mind her staying at your place, also she pitch in for the rent which is a plus. You housed the others until they found places to stay, but they came over often. Right now Sans and Toriel was on a 'meeting' or date. Sans didn't want to leave Papyrus home by himself so you were babysitting him with Frisk. 
"YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPEAT YOURSELF, NYEH HEH HEH" Papyrus said smiling, looking out the window. He was basically  glued to the window, he was like a puppy going a t
:iconflyhigh5323:flyhigh5323 483 170
UndyneXChildReader:Lets punch/cook the stress away
"Oi, crying is for the weak" Undyne said you were on your bed hugging a stuffed animal. You quietly sobbed ignoring Undyne.
"Sigh, what's wrong." Undyne said sitting on the side of your bed.
"I *sob* was called a freak *sob* by the other kids and *sob* they won't stop." you said nuzzling into your stuffed animal more.
"So, what did you do?" Undyne asked
"I started to cry and came home early.... without telling mom or dad" you mumbled Undyne sighed.
"Get up! As my students you will not have such a weak heart" Undyne said getting up quickly, she pointed a scaly finger at you.
"Hey, don't ignore me." Undyne said
"Okay that's it get up." Undyne said ripping off the blankets. You just curled up into a ball, Undyne sighed. She lift you over your shoulder and started to carry you out of the room.
"I know just the right thing to cheer you up." Undyne said you pounded your fists on Undyne's back, not like it had any effect.
"HERE WE ARE!" Undyne said with a big grin. She carefully let y
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Sans X Reader: Too many to count
I remember her beautiful smile, her gentle voice, her silk like hair and her stunning eyes. But one thing that is always engraved in my mind is her
I remember the way I felt and what kind of expression I was holding. I have seen her DIE and DIE and DIE all over again till the point I lost count. But this pain never did numb out, it stung and frustrated me more and I can not keep this in anymore. This cruel endless loop happen on the first Goodbye.
The first goodbye, It was a beautiful day in snowdin and my brother was still excited about meeting the human. Papyrus was going to confront them and capture them if he could. It was always his dream to be in the loyal guard, yet it is unfitting to him. 
"______ you don't have to go with him, he should be fine" I said _____ smiled at me. Oh how her smile melted me inside. 
"I'm still worried he might do something stupid but everything should be fine" ______ said packin
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Flowers and a Card For You (Trade)
You yawned in boredom, sitting on your couch and watching another boxing match on T.V. since you had nothing else better to do. Although you couldn't help but smile softly at who you were watching on T.V.
Glass Joe.
Sure, he wasn't that much of a winner himself but you didn't care. Truth be told, you really loved him. You and him have been very close friends for as long as you can remember. He would occasionally take you back to his home state and show you around France and Paris. It really mesmerized you.
After the years went by, you've developed close feelings towards the Frenchman. Could it be his voice? His cute face? His hair? Whatever it was, you couldn't help but love him either way.
Just as you were about to walk to the kitchen to grab a snack, your doorbell rang. You let out a groan and slowly got yourself up, stretching in the process. You slowly began to walk towards your door and open up, expecting someone there.
Except, there wasn't anyone at your doorstep. "Hello?" You ca
:iconaxellover874:AxelLover874 12 7
Shopping- Bender x Reader
“Good news everyone!”
   You looked up as the Professor sat down, leaning forwards to rest your elbows on the table.
   “What’ve we got today Professor?” you asked, watching the wrinkled old man curiously.
   “A delivery.”
   “How original,” you glanced over as Bender piped up, puffing smoke from his cigar. “Got anything else meatbag?”
   “Well I did come up with an idea for a new invention, but I haven’t got the parts. I was wondering if you and [f/n] could go pick up-”
   “Wait, you want us to work?” Bender exclaimed incredulously. “No way old man!”
   “Oh come on Bender, live a little!” you encouraged, elbowing the robot fondly. “Let’s go for a ride and have some fun! What’s the mission Professor?”
   “Well, I need some copper wire and some other odds and e
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Humanized! We Bare Bears: Isaac (ice bear)x Reader

(DICLAMER! Art is by MoosFroos on DA)
You smiled as you drove your car to the park where your friends would be. You hopped out and grabbed your purse. They didn't tell you why just told you to meet them there. So while you searched for your friends you grew a bit hungry and decided to go to a food truck.
"Hmm Ramen Tacos eh?" You said as you stood in line. After your got your pretty average ramen taco you went back on the search for Chris, Peter and of course Isaac. Finally after awhile of searching through a thick crowd you found them all manning a food truck and looking very disappointed.
"Hey guys! What's wrong?" You said as you walked over to the group of guys. They all immediately permed up at the sound of your voice. Chris was the first on to get to you.
"Oh my gosh _____! Thank god your... Is that a ramen taco..." He asked simply. You nodded and took another bite. "Do you like it..." He said as Isaac and Peter came and stood beside him.
"I mea
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Still Alive
Hey guys. It's been a long time huh? I just wanted you all to know that I am actually still breathing. I've actually gotten a lot better. Cancer free and starting my transition to a male soon. I'm not actually back and I don't really plan to be. Deviantart has just gotten too much for me. Sorry
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Chubby!America x Reader-Insecurity Pt.1
Chubby!America x Reader-Insecurity Pt.1
Parking your car in front of your boyfriend’s house you happily exited your car. Knocking on the door you heard him shout that it was open. Walking inside, you close the door behind you to find Alfred. Heading into the kitchen you see him trying to stuff one Big Mac in his face before you arrived.
Sighing, you told him to calm down and finish eating it. After waiting one minute you saw how embarrassed he looked. He had promised to stop eating hamburgers and to lose weight. To you it didn’t matter but it sure did to him and Arthur. Iggy brows has been bothering Alfred about it for a while now.
“I thought you wanted to lose weight?”You say, ruffling his blonde hair.
“I do! T-The diet soda-“
“Is NOT gonna balance it all out, Alfred. Don’t lie to yourself.”You frowned.
“I’m sorry for being fat.”Alfred pouted and it looked like he was about to cry.
“No! Alfred you don’
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