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So I got my new computer a few months ago and I finally retrieved all my old stories. Its been quite sometime, and I am no longer interested in those fanfics, and all previous requests have been cancelled due to my own personal problems.
Sherlock fanfics:
Unfinished Sherlock fanfics CompilationI'll be waiting for you.
(Name) was fantastic educated renaissance type-of woman, she excelled in many fields at such a young age. Yet, she refused something practical.
Her profession was in computers, she hacked.
She was the best, she didn't need no special program, it was pure genius and practing. Which was why she was always home, and never left it.
Then one day, she decided to go out on a walk to the park. She saw a very tall, intriguing man, who immediately grabbed her hand, and took her to his flat. He pushed her into the room and there were three different computers in front of her.
"Do it."
At first, she was confused and didn't understand what he meant. So she stared at him, until he finally said,"Do what you do best, decode."
(Name) wasn't going to help so easily, so she yelled at him, yelling who was he, and why he needed her. After meaning-less arguments, he managed to convince her she would help him.
After decoded and hacking into the system, he ran out of the flat. She wen

Loki and Other Marvel Fanfics:

Unfinished Loki/Marvel fanfics CompilationsThor X Sister!Slight punkish! Reader X Loki
You've been through some scary situations before, but this was the most weirdest, and frightening one.
You just woke up, in a bed, a really soft bed. Also being clothed was a strange thing. Well not that peculiar, only the fabrics and design.
Sure it not may have been your taste, but it looked like a goddess would wear.
(Name) was in the human world right?Right?! She looked at the window, and had never been so wrong in her life.
"Princess?" A voice behind her said.
Loki Ch. 2(Name) was floating in mid- air, but the backround was more like space. her went wide open, and she started to hypervelienting.
"W-Where am I?!"
"My dear. everything will be expained, later....."
A voice came from nowhere, a black cloaked figure appeared, pointing at (Name),
"You must help him, he won't be such a stubborn prince, or dictator, you change him.."
(Name) tried to get closer to this mysterious person,"D-Do you mean Loki!?"
"Shut it!!" The

Unfinished Video Game Fanfics
Unfinished Video Game CompilationLink X Reader
Link X Princess!Reader
About 13-16
(Name) and her older sister, Zelda, were always being targeted of kidnapping, since they were sisters.
Though nowadays, they didn't capture Zelda, it was (Name) they were after. Gannondorf and other baddies, figured, that since Link had  crush on the younger princess, he would always save her, and if they make it harder he might eventually die.
Of course, Link never died, or got hurt, and always managed to get (Name).
Link got rid of that idea of Zelda and him, ever being a couple or something more. He was more interested in (Name), she did everything that Zelda didn't.
She gave him time, and was always there to listen to him.
(Name) always pampered him, with everything, all the time.
Zelda being the queen, and everything had more and and intense duties to cover. She wanted to invite the neighboring kingdoms, to a royal ball, and then slowly, convert them as an alliance.
"(Name),"She looked down at her sister, who was sitting right

Unfinished Reader Inserts Fanfics
Unfinished reader inserts CompilationCecil and Reader"This is NightVale."Cecil said, and the music went on. He glanced at the girl across from him, and smiled at her.
"Today, we have a special guest on. It's Carlos's sister,(Name)!"
"Hello, Cecil, and listeners."
"Thank you for being on the show."
"I'm glad to be here."
"For the first twenty minutes, we'll talk about important details, and the last ten minutes, about our guest."
"Oh and (Name).Feel free to ask any questions during this podcast. Alright?"
"Um...Alright Cecil."
"The mayor would like to announce, that the dog park is not open to any other people, except the black-hodded figures."
"Black hooded figures?"
"Yeah there this type of group, who are allowed to enter the dog park."
"Ah!I see."
"At the town-hall meeting, there was a black-hole, only sucking in people with the letter Z in their last name, who are also Hispanic"
"Wow, what a racist black hole."
"But guessed who fixed it?~"
"Yay!"They said in unison.
"Now, old woman Josie, said tha

Unfinished Homestuck Fanfics
Unfinished Homestuck Fanfic CompilationChubby Cronus X Reader
When Cronus transferred to a new high school, he promised himself he would be a greaser and make a good impression on everyone.
Unfortunately for his brother and him, the people there didn't like them as much him as he thought. For Cronus, he made a friend. Well not,'friend', more like an aquatanice who he talked to often.
She was a really sweet girl, who was nothing, but nice to him. He thought maybe she was dense, since he always flirted with her, but never really reacted to it.
Cronus thought she was made for him, but sometimes doubted it. She actually liked his attempt at being a,'Greaser'.
No one appreciated his greaser look, and wasn't welcomed by any group. The hipsters, goths, vamps,emos, nerds, fangirls, and jocks didn't like him. Of course he couldn't care, it would be so ungreaser like.
He mostly was a loner, and hung out at the Dairy Queen. It was the Greaser drinking milkshakes, soda, and eating hot dogs, burgers and fries. Of course, eating there ev

Unfinished Cartoons/Gorillaz Fanfics
Unfinished Cartoons/Gorillaz FanficsMurdoc x reader.....I believe its one
2D was chilling with (Name) on the couch watching some show, when Murdoc passed by. He noticed the two cuddling on the couch, under a blanket. The scene made him infuriated by the two. He didn't like or want 2D touching his girlfriend. He stepped in front of the TV and looked furious at 2D,"Ay!Dumbass get off of her!She's mine ya idiot!"
2D was about to move, before he would get hit by some random object, but (Name) snuggled into him more. "Don't move, 2D. You're so comfortable to lay next to." She smiled cutely at him,"Go away, Murdoc. We're watching TV."She shifted her position to get a better view.
Murdoc moved out of the way and went toward the sofa. He sat right next to (Name), when he did so he attempted to place his arm around her and bring her close.
He failed.
Throughout the movie or show, Murdoc noticed that 2D wasn't even attempting to grab a hold of her or attempt to cop a field. Just 2D prescence being there bothered him. (Nam
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